Bahamut Knights

The Bahamut Knights are a military organisation of individuals deeply devoted to the God Bahamut. Their ranks are consisted of clerics, paladins, invokers and the executive instrument of the organisation, the avengers.

Leader of the order is the formidable Grand Magister Brana Meridan.

They use Darastrix Oth as their main headquarters, while having links and shelters around the world. They work secretly, not attracting unnecessary attention.

They believe that good must prevail, even if questionable methods must be used, because evil easily corrupts the weak and the unfaithful.

Their primary opposing group are the Chromatic Hand, an organisation devoted to Bahamut’s sworn rival, Tiamat. The war between the two deities and their followers rages on for millenia, with no victor on either side.

Bahamut Knights

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