Diamond League

The Diamond League was band of adventurers who had travelled to Brindol one hundred years ago in search of treasure, exploring ruins at the base of the Wyrmsmoke Mountains, Vraath Keep.

During their travels, they discovered the moving army of the Red Hand, of whom the civilized people of Elsir Vale were ignorant about.

They thwarted Azzar Kul’s plans many times by destroying the ancient dwarven bridge at Skull Gorge, alarming the people at the nearby town of Drellin’s Ferry, raiding the Red Hand‘s supply lines, and recruiting elven and dwarven allies from nearby settlements. Finally, as Brindol was being under siege and its people dying from battle or starvation, they skirted around the main army and ventured all the way to the Red Hand’s headquarters in the heart of the Wyrmsmoke Mountains, and struck directly at Azzar Kul himself.

With their leader now dead, the Red Hand army was disorganised and the tribes that composed it fought against each other for control of the host. In response, the forces that had rallied to the defense of the Vale quickly shifted to the offensive. Disjointed and surrounded, the goblinoid tribes were pursued, isolated, and crushed. The host of the Red Hand was no more.

Finally, the Diamond League hunted down and killed Azzar Kul’s ally, Tyrgarun the blue dragon.

Diamond League

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