Aggressive, strong, and dull-witted, ogres are the quintessential big, dumb brutes. Many creatures (particularly orcs) take advantage of ogres and convince the monsters to work for them.

The stupidity of ogres is legendary. Few ogres can count to ten or build even the simplest tool or shelter, so they generally lair in caves or ruins and fight with clubs made from tree trunks. Some ogres know a few words of Common, such as “gold,” “kill,” and “mine!”

Ogres are cruel, bloodthirsty, greedy, and gluttonous; they can be easily bribed with gifts of food and treasure, as long as their would-be allies or masters can promise them plenty of opportunities for mayhem and destruction.

Ogres often make their lairs in thinly settled borderlands—places where they can find homesteads to pillage and travelers to waylay, but wild enough to discourage pursuit. They favor desolate hills and dark forests.

Left to their own devices, ogres live in small huntergatherer bands that separate or move on when they use up the easily available food sources of an area. They prefer pillage and theft to actual hunting or gathering.

Ogres are lazy and surly creatures, but powerful masters sometimes put them to work as menial laborers. The brightest ogres sometimes seek out work as mercenaries, and might accumulate arms and armor far better than those of the typical ogre. They like big weapons that make good use of their size and strength—greataxes, morningstars, or heavy flails.


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