Red Hand

Red Hand of Doom: Founded more that one hundred years ago by the half-dragon hobgoblin warrior named Azarr Kul, a worshiper and priest of Tiamat.

Early in his rise to power he struck up an alliance with his sire, the blue dragon Tyrgarun. Aided by this powerful ally, Azarr Kul converted his entire tribe into fanatical worshipers of Tiamat. He renamed the tribes that had fallen under his wing the Kulkor Zhul and began to lay his plans for conquest of Elsir Vale.

Eventually, Azarr Kul and his dragon-worshipping zealots destroyed the last opposition to his supremacy over the Wyrmsmoke tribes, slaughtering the Black Knife goblins and the tribes allied to them in a ferocious onslaught. The survivors accepted his sovereignty and were absorbed into his realm.

Azarr Kul named his new kingdom Harg Kulkor, or “Land of the Dragon”.

After a long season of rebuilding his strength, offering bribes to many of the intelligent monsters in the region, and cementing the power of his Red Hand warpriests over the disparate tribes he ruled, Azarr Kul finally turned his attention to the lands beyond the Wyrmsmoke Mountains. What he saw whetted his ambition for power; no city or state within hundreds of miles could field an army as strong as his. The High Wyrmlord dreamed of carving out a hobgoblin empire stretching from the Sunset Sea to the Golden Plains – and the first step was to crush the human towns in Elsir Vale.

His army sieged fiercely the town of Brindol, that would surely fall if not for his demise at the hands of the Diamond League.

Sinruth’s Hand: Formed by the hobgoblin warchief Sinruth, inspired from the tales of the great warrior Azarr Kul, a hundred years after his fall.

Sinruth’s Hand raided the town of Brindol, taking prisoners and stealing relics from the Hall of Great Valor.

Sinruth’s Hand was destroyed by the heroes during their rescue mission in Rivenroar.

Red Hand

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