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A whole century had passed since the town of Brindol fell under the Scales of War. The army of the Red Hand had been crushed as if by a miracle outside the walls, after what seemed an eternity of a siege to the people of Brindol. The miracle’s name was the Diamond League, a group of heroes still praised for their deeds by the people of Brindol and the whole of Elsir Vale.

The town itself and the lands around it were flourishing again. Apart from the occasional bandit raid, the lands were safe and trade was growing year by year. However, something didn’t feel quite right. Something dark and sinister was looming over the vale. People’s dreams were disturbed by horrifying nightmares, only to wake up in the safety of their homes, confused. Shadows startled them at night, only to laugh at each other or at themselves for being “little girls who shouldn’t be walking around at night”.

If only had they known their nervousness was justified…

Scales of War

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