Lord Jarmaan

Human Noble


Lord Aaron is a widowed man, 50 years old. His wife fell down stairs in the keep years ago and broke her neck. He has two sons and a daughter, all full grown and married now.

Though he never remarried, he’s always been fond of the ladies (some whisper that this was the case even before his wife’s accident). He’s known to spend time with at least two women in Brindol, though he keeps his personal life as private as possible. Each of the ladies “rents” a small house from him.

The Jarmaan family owns a lot of property both within & outside of the city. Most of this is rental property. The one active business Lord Jarmaan has is a restaurant in Brindol, the Succulent Salmon. This is one of the finest restaurants in town, frequented by all of the city’s upper class. Whatever else Aaron might be, he’s an excellent cook.

The populace of Brindol generally regards Lord Jarmaan as a capable if somewhat aloof administrator, and the town and its surrounding environs have grown strong under his leadership in the years since the Red Hand invaded.

Lord Jarmaan

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